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Things you should know before applying for Australia PR Visa from India

Australia PR Visa from India

Getting an Australian PR visa from India is indeed one of the best life decisions that one can ever make in their life. The Australian PR visa holds great importance for people planning to migrate and settle in Australia. But there are a few aspects that one needs to learn before applying for an Australian PR visa from India. Below we will discuss the 5 important things you need to know before applying for the Australian PR visa in order to make the visa process easy and hassle-free for you. 

  1. Look for Career Opportunities in your chosen field

Every country has different development plans and which is why they focus accordingly to develop their standards and hire experts and skilled personnel in that specific field so that they add value to Australia’s growing sector to secure a good opportunity.  

  1. Get your Skills Tested and Take the IELTS English Test

You can get your skills assessed by the concerned authorities. IELTS is a primary requirement to get an Australian PR visa so you can register for the IELTS exam and then take the test. All you need to have is a good band score to qualify for the PR visa and once you have a skill assessment and a good IELTS score, you can get your Australian PR easily.

  1. Select a Suitable Visa Option

Australia offers two different PR visa options. So, you can choose one of the options and begin the process. There is a point-based system for skilled immigrants. The system is called General Skilled Migration (GSM). here, the two PR options are the Skilled Independent Subclass (189) and Skilled Nominated Subclass (190). You can choose the subclass that suits you well. For applying through subclass 190, you need to have a nomination from one of the states or territories of Australia. 

  1. Evaluate the Scores Based on the Criteria Set by the Australian Government

We all know that the PR visa system is point-based. So, as per that the points are provided on the basis of some basic and fundamental factors like age, educational qualification, language proficiency, work experience, skills etc. So, on the basis of these qualities, you will receive a score. Well, the minimum score that you need to obtain is 60 to apply for the Australian PR visa. So, now that you know the criteria, you can get working on gathering proper proof that shows your credibility to score high than 60. With a score above 60, you will get your visa and if you have a high score the chances are very high that you get your visa with ease and hassle-free.

  1. Hiring a Good PR Visa Consultant

Hiring a good PR visa consultant is a very crucial step in the Australian PR Visa process. A good and authentic PR Visa consultant will benefit you always and will make your Australian PR Visa Process smooth and easy for you. So, be careful and choose the best one. For the same, you will need to run some background checks on the consultant like seeing the google reviews, visiting their website and asking your friends and family. 

Well, if you have done some research, you would have found that Proximity Immigration is one of the best in the industry and the success rate for your visa is high when you hire Proximity Immigration for your Australian PR Visa process from India. 

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